415, Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 048-1511, Japan

Kanro no Mori

Welcome to hotel Kanronomori

  • We look forward to welcoming you to "Hotel Kanronomori", our Japanese style hotel combines the very best elements of Japanese comfort combined with western style comforts including free WIFI to ensure you have the best stay during your time in Niseko. Hotel Kanronomori is located on the edge of a Quasi national park, set in one of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of Niseko, the location ensures offers guests a feeling of seclusion and exclusivity that is offered no where else in Niseko. Normally this type of seclusion means you are miles away from everything, however this is not the case at Hotel Kanronomori. Guests are only minutes away from some of the areas most well known resorts and dining experiences. The hotel is a convenient 12 kilometres from the Hirafu area and offers regular shuttle services to this area and to our neighbouring ski resorts of Moiwa and Annupuri. The Konbu Onsen area of Niseko and the valley where the hotel is located boasts the highest concentration of natural geothermal hotspring in the Niseko area.
    Access from Hokkaido's Chitose Airport is also very convenient during the winter season in particular, with many of the main bus companies offering an Airport to Hotel lobby transfer. The Hotel also boasts a large free carpark for guests coming into the area by rental vehicle.
    Experience the best of what Niseko offers as a destination all year round, whilst being pampered by Japanese style hospitality.
  • Check in 15:00. Check out 10:00am.

Choose a room to suit your style and your needs

Public bath

Hot Spring

Hotel Kanronomori is all about enjoying yourselves and becoming at one with Nature, leaving the stress of daily life behind you, the 'Mori no Tenku Buro' is the epitomy of indulgence and is the ultimate way to relax and unwind.

Publlic bath 1

Public bath areas - 1

There are 2 large public bathing areas both located on the edge of the National park so that you feel at one with nature. Both area's are different and are swapped over at night so in house guests get to enjoy the best of both bathing area's.
Both public bathing areas have a inside onsen and outside onsen.

Public bath 2

Public bath areas - 2

The Hot Spring has a high Nitrate content and is slightly sulphuric, which assists the warmth of the Hot Spring to pentrate the body and relieve tension, great after an active day out in the nature of Niseko.
The Hot Spring area is also open to visitors(900 yen/person).

Suite Room with private Onsen (Outdoor)

Suite Room with private Onsen (Outdoor)

*Suite room with private Onsen have been renovated recently(Dec 2015)
Suite Room with private onsen are the highest level of room that we offer, these rooms are spacioius luxurious and are the ultimate in a cross between a western and Japanese Style room. Complete with your own private onsen in the room.

Room with private onsen(Inside)

Suite Room with private Onsen(Inside)

There are 2 types of room, that have a private hotspring. One of the Onsen baths are located in the room and the other bath is located on a deck outside the room.

Private Onsen

Private Onsen with Sauna (inside Onsen)

Kanronomori is one of the only hotels in the district that offers PRIVATE ONSEN for hire. Each hire period is 50 minutes, this is a great option for those who do not wish to have a public bathing experience.

*Onsen Details
Hours:11:00 - 21:00 (for day spa visitors coming from outside the Hotel)
Cost:900 yen for an Adult,300 yen for a Child(for day spa visitors coming from outside the Hotel)
Included Amenities: Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner
3000 yen room charge for 50 minutes + 900 yen bathing charge per person

Example1:for day spa visitors coming from outside the Hotel
Renting the private onsen for "2 hours、with 3 people" will be charged as follows; 3000 yen x 2 + 900 per person (in this case 3 people) Total Fee = 8700 yen

Example2: for house guests
Renting the private onsen for "2 hours、with 3 people" will be charged as follows; 3000 yen x 2 = 6000 yen(room rate is including 900 yen day spa fee)

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Meet and Fish


Our Hotel boasts two styles of restaurant. "Restaurant Cullinet" and "Restaurant Creo" will ensure you are spoilt for dining choices within the hotel and take the stress out of your visit to Niseko. Restaurant CULLINET alternates its serving styles, these change without prior notice and are dependant on reservation loadings at the Hotel. The dining experience is either a half buffet style, that offers guests 3 delicious mains and a comprehensive self serve buffet for the side dishes to complement the main dishes or a fixed seasonal dinner course. Either of these dining styles are bound to impress.
(Please note the way in which the meals are served can not be elected by guests, it is purely based on reservation numbers)


Restaurant Cullinet

Restaurant Cullinet is our hotels signiture restaurant. The restaurant has been serving a high level of Japanese and Western Style cuisine to our guests since Hotel Kanronomori opened and is well know to both guests and casual diners as a great place to dine.
Open:17:30, Close:21:00

Reservation Only
Restaurant Cullinet dining is by reservation at the time you make your accomodation reservation. Main courses consist of ”your choice of a meat or fish dish”, "Sashimi" and a "Vegetable Hotpot" , along with the mains you can self select salads and other seasonal food items from our buffet to complete your meal. (The main meal choices are fixed and can not be altered)

No Reservation Needed
Restaurant Cullinet in Hotel Kanronomori features a buffet style dining experience. Reservations are not required for dining in this restaurant, however beaware the restaurant is primarily for in house guests and there may be times when we can not accept bookings for guests who are not staying in house.

stake stake

Restaurant Creo

Sake Bar and Restaurant Creo, is a great place to come and relax and unwind, the location of the restaurant and bar area offers exptensive views over the Hotel garden, out towards the Quasi national parkland surrounding the hotel. After an active day enjoying everything on offer in Niseko, there is no where better to enjoy an extensive range of Japanese Sake, Wines or maybe even an Ice Cold Beer on tap together with your friends and family. (the bar stocks both locally produced shiribeshi district sakes and wines and a varietals and some of the worlds most well known labels)

*Lunch: Open 11:30, Close 14:00
Lunch is served from an alacarte menu - guests can choose from items that attract their attention.
*Dinner: Open 17:30, Close 21:00 (Last order 20:30)
*Bar and Cafe: Open 11:30, Close 21:00

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Access to Hotel Kanronomori


Access to Hotel Kanronomori(甘露の森)

We are located a convenient 10 minute car ride from the railway station (JR Niseko Station) in Niseko Town.

Access from Annupuri(アンヌプリ) to the Hotel

*By Hotel shuttle bus

*Pick Up Service

If you catch a bus service that stops at Annupuri, it is a short 5 minute journey to the hotel by bus. Please advise your arrival times in advance and our staff will arrange a transfer from the Bus Stop to the Hotel by the Hotel Shuttle Bus.

**Please DO NOT GET OFF THE BUS AT "Annupuri Ski Resort Entrance",
"Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri","Hotel Niseko Ikoi-no-yuyado Iroha"

Access from JR Niseko station(ニセコ駅) to the Hotel

*By Hotel shuttle bus.

*Pick Up Service

If you catch the train or bus that stops at JR Niseko station, Please let us know in advance and the hotel staff will arrange a FREE transfer to the Hotel by the Hotel shuttle bus.
*After arriving at JR Niseko Station, contact the hotel for a transfer from the station to the hotel, pick up from JR Niseko Station will take 30 mins more.

*By taxi

It is a convenient 10 minutes journey by taxi to our Hotel from JR Niseko Railway Station. It costs about 2300 yen.

Access from JR Kutchan station(倶知安駅) to the Hotel

*By taxi

It takes about 30 minutes by Taxi from JR Niseko station to our hotel. It costs about 5000 yen.

Shuttle Bus Time table
"JR Niseko station - Hotel"

*Time table from JR Niseko station

*Reservation Only
*Stay guest Only
Please contact us at least one day in advance.

Stay guest Only
Reservation Only
Niseko -> Hotel
9:59 12:52 --- ---
10:09 13:02 --- ---
Reservation Only
Stay guest Only
Hotel -> Niseko
8:45 10:45
9:00 11:00


This service operates on a circuit from
JR Niseko St,NisekoVillage,Annupuri,Konbu onsen,Moiwa,JR Niseko St.
・Service frequency: 5times a day
(JR Niseko St.10:10/13:10/17:30/18:45/21:30)
・Fare(cash only): 500yen
・Route: This service connects with the following trains arriving at JR Niseko St.
Please check out the Time table by clicking here.

If you arrive at JR Niseko station at 17:00, please take a taxi below:
Taxi Services

Sprint Taxi
Tel: +81(0)136-55-5400

Niseko Hire
Tel: +81(0)136-44-2635

Niseko International Transport
Tel: +81(0)136-22-1171

Hachiriki Jidousha
Tel: +81(0)136-44-2640

Smile Kanko Taxi
Tel: +81(0)136-48-2700

Access from the "New Chitose Airport(新千歳空港)" or "Sapporo(札幌)" to the Hotel

*By bus

There are many Intercity and local buses that have Hotel Kanronomori listed as a official stop in the Niseko area, this makes access extremely simple no matter where you are coming from. The Bus access into the area is more direct and normally takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes from New Chitose Airport depending on the road conditions Buses can be caught from in front of the New Chitose Airport Terminal, you will be dropped in front of our hotel.

*Access from the New Chitose Airport to our Hotel

There are fantastic Shuttle Services available ex the New Chitose International Airport to get you from door to door in comfort and style. The travelling time is about 3 hours from the New Chitose Airport to the Hotel.

■Hokkaido Access Network Co.,Ltd.(From Airport to our hotel)
Please check out the wide range of options by clicking here.
■White Liner(From Airport to our hotel)
Please check out the wide range of options by clicking here.

*Access from Sapporo City to our Hotel

■Hokkaido Access Network Co.,Ltd.(From Sapporo to our Hotel)
Please check out the wide range of options by clicking here.
■White Liner(From Sapporo to our Hotel)
Please check out the wide range of options by clicking here.

*By JR Train

■Access from the New Chitose International Airport to JR Niseko Station.
It is approximately (3 hours and 30min) by JR train to get to JR Niseko station.

■Access from JR Sapporo Station to JR Niseko Station
It is approximately (2 hours and 40mins) by JR(Japanese Railway) train to get to JR Niseko station.

■JR Hokkaido web site
Please check out the wide range of options by clicking here. ※( )The Time indicated in brackets is an approximate time only travelling times will vary with different road and traffic conditions.

*By Rental Cars

■From Sapporo City to Hotel Kanronomori
It is approximately (2 hours) by car using the Nakayama Tougei road to get to Niseko. (Route 230, Route 5)

■From New Chitose International Airport to Hotel Kanronomori
It is approximately (2 hours) by car using the Bifune Togei Pass and travelling via Lake Toya.If you are travelling in a Rental vehicle from New Chitose, please make sure that you ask the Rental agency to set the navigation system for you so that you travel on Local highways, if you use the Motorway setting the Navigation will take you over unsealed forest passes, that should be closed to light vehicle traffic, the condition of the Roads is not good.
※( )The Time indicated in brackets is an approximate time only travelling times will vary with different road and traffic conditions.

Access from "Hakodate(函館)" or "Toya(洞爺)" to the Hotel

*By Train

■From JR Hakodate station to JR Niseko station

Take the JR Train bound for Sapporo Station and disembark from this service at Oshamanbe Station(長万部駅).

Transfer at Oshamanbe Station(長万部駅) to the JR train bound for the New Chitose Air port, via Otaru and Sapporo, disembark from this service at JR Niseko Station.

■Access from JR Toya station to JR Niseko station

Please catch the train from Toyako Station, which travels in the Hakodate direction and disembark from this service at Oshamanbe Station(長万部駅).

Transfer trains to the train which runs to Niseko on the Hakodate Honsen Trunk line, disembark at Niseko Station.

■JR Hokkaido web site
Please check out the wide range of options by clicking here. ※( )The Time indicated in brackets is an approximate time only travelling times will vary with different road and traffic conditions.

Skiing and Snowboarding, when you stay at our hotel

We have a scheduled shuttle bus service that travels on a regular basis to and from the Hotel

Bus stop



At the next to the main entrance


Nuck Annupuri

Annupuri ski slope


Hirafu Welcome center

Hirafu ski slope

Our hotel's Buses


Bus No.1


Bus No2, and etc



This logo is on the bus.

From the Hotel to Annupuri(アンヌプリ) and Hirafu(ヒラフ)

Hotel Ski Shuttle Timetable
*Black marked part needs reservation. Without reservation the bus will not run.
*Stay guest Only

*Shuttle bus may be late by the weather.

< 2018/12/1-4/7 >
Hotel Ski Shuttle Timetable by clicking here

Stay guest Only
Hotel -> Annupuri -> Hirafu
Kanro no Mori
Annupuri Hirafu
Welcome Center
7:50 --- 8:15
8:00 8:10 ---
8:30 8:40

9:00 9:10 9:30
10:10 10:20

11:10 11:20 ---
12:30 12:40 ---
13:30 13:40 14:00
14:40 14:50

15:30 15:40 16:00
17:00 17:10 17:30
18:50 19:00

Other ski area bus
*Niseko Unaited shuttle bus is operated by Niseko bus.
For details, please check out by clicking her
Annupuri to Hirafu welcome center: 480yen
Annupuri to Neseko Village: 320yen

Stay guest Only
Hirafu -> Annupuri -> Hotel
Welcome Center
Annupuri Hotel
--- 10:20 10:30

11:20 11:30

12:40 12:50
14:00 14:20 14:30
--- 14:50 15:00
16:00 16:20 16:30
17:30 17:50 18:00
--- 19:00 19:10
20:50 21:10 21:20
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Other Facilities



Free for house guests
Open: 10:00 to 20:00 or 21:00


Winter Sport Equipment Hire

Ski, Snowboard, Gloves,
Goggles, Beanie, Jr.Helmet


Summer Recreation Equipment Hire

Stay active during your stay,
various equipment available


Free for our house guests(more than 15 years old).
Shose rental: 200yen/person

Equipments Hire and Lesson

*Ski and Snowboard Equipments Hire
Best Deal in Niseko!!
The rental shop is locating in our hotel, so you do not have to bring anything. You can enjoy powder snow with our new ski gear!
Please check out "Ski/Snowboard Rental Price List by clicking here.

*Ski and Snowbording Lesson
Our school offers lesson programs to all levels in English. Improve your skills and have fun on the best powder snow!
Please check out "Lesson price List" by clicking here.