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Welcome to Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel

Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel is located between the New Chitose Airport and Sapporo city.
There are shopping malls such as Mitsui Outlet mall or Chitose outlet mall “Rera” near the hotel.
The hotel is on a hill not far from Kitahiroshima city and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains that change their character and splendor with the seasons.
There are shuttle buses between the JR Kitahiroshima station and the hotel. The hotel is located with good access to Sapporo.
In Winter, the ski fields and a snow park only 3 minutes walk from the hotel are open.
You can enjoy many snow activities such as snowmobile, snow tube, snow rafting and so on.
The ski slopes are gentle and suitable for beginners and children.

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An area of forest and three golf courses surround the Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel.You can enjoy the forest view from each room.

The picturesque view from the rooms is just like timeless art changing with the seasons. Bright green fields and light blue sky of Spring, deep green forest and blue sky of the Summer, red and yellow leaves and clear blue sky of Autumn and pure white snow in Winter. From your room, you can enjoy Mother Nature’s colorful vista throughout the seasons.

“Japanese room” 47㎡
A moderrn Tatami room promises you a luxury stay experience. The wide spread of windows invite the sun light into the room. You can enjoy the vast view of the golf courses through your windows. 

guest room

Standard Twin Room


An atmosphere of healing is created with indirect illumination at night. This room has a big space for 6 people to stay together on futons (Japanese style bed).

“Japanese and Western combination room” 47㎡

This deluxe type of room has space for a maximum of 5 people stay together. There are two beds in the room. If more than 3 people are staying together, we will prepare the futon ( Japanese style bed) to suit the number of guests. The rooms have a mountains and golf course view.

“Deluxe Modern Double room”47㎡

A 220cm wide double bed is set in the corner of the room and a curtain divides the room into two. A wide low bed is on the carpet, if infant this type of bed is very safe and comfortable. Romantic lighting will make you forget the daily grind. You can enjoy the view of the golf courses and mountains through the wide windows.

“Deluxe Modern Twin room” 47㎡

Accommodates a maximum of 3 people. You can enjoy the view of mountains and golf courses. This type of room is on the 10th floor and boasts a spacious and modern interior.
A relaxing stay is promised in a calm atmosphere.

“Deluxe Double room” 37㎡

These basic comfortable room have ample space for a maximum of 2 adults. The 210 cm wide bed is suitable for a family with infants. Located on the 11th floor you can enjoy a view of the golf courses and Kitahiroshima city.

“Deluxe Twin room” 37㎡

 These rooms are appointed with two comfortable beds. This room is located on the 11th floor and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the forest as well as a splendid view reaching to the horizon.

“Corner Twin room” 32㎡

The corner twin room features 2 wide windows allowing a view in 2 directions. The large windows provide expansive views of the forest. This comfortable and cozy space makes you feel relaxed far from the daily life.

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“Aburi Kaiseki”
Kaiseki (Japanese style courses) offer fresh seafood caught in the Sea of Japan,. the Pacific Ocean and the Okhotsk Sea. This courses feature a BBQ at the table. A grill is provided and you can enjoy a fresh seafood BBQ to your liking.

Yuushokuzen are simple Japanese and Western courses offering local seafood and vegetables. You can enjoy the cozy and relaxing dinner-time with these Japanese and Western courses.

guest room


“Dinner Buffet”
A buffet with 40 kinds of Japanese and Western style dishes consisting of local fish and vegetables.
You can enjoy the various kinds of foods to your heart content. You can enjoy the seafood and steak grilled at the grill counter in the restaurant.


A Japanese and Western style buffet is prepared in the restaurant on the 12th floor. You can enjoy the panorama view of the forest and mountains. Fresh coffee and freshly baked breads or Japanese rice and miso soup promise you a happy start to the day.

“Light meal”

 Light meals such as “Soba”, “Ramen”, “Udon”,“Gyudon” and “Curry rice” are served at “Akane” on the lobby floor.

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Beautiful scenery attract you from the top of the hotel.

“South Elfin” 12F

Breakfast :Open 6:30-9:30

Lunch: Buffet 11:30-14:30

       Last entrance 13:00

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Dinner: Buffet 17:00 - 21:30
        .Last entrance 20:00
        Other dishes 17:00- 21:30 
        Last order 21:00

“Akane”Lobby Floor

“Akane”offers light meals such as “Ramen ”, “Soba”, ”Curry” and “Gyudon”,
Open 10:00 - 23:00
Last order 22:30

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Our soothing mineral hot spring cares your health and mind.

The onsen is nestled in the forest and sense the aroma of the surrounding nature. Enjoy the view of colorful leaves, soothing and relaxing natural water. We have separate onsens for men and women. Each onsen has outdoor pool, two indoor pools, one indoor Jacuzzi, one dry sauna and one steam sauna.

Kitahiroshima onsen (hot spring) “Fufu” is connected to the hotel. Hotel guests are available to take a bath for free. The onsen is open AM 5:00-AM 9:00, AM 10:00-AM1:00
guest room


Hair dryer, body soap, shampoo and rinse are provided at the onsen.
 You can take the towels to onsen.

Mineral composition of the hot spring

: Sodium Chloride

Effective for: Neuralgia, muscular pain, joint pain, stiff shoulder, bruise, sprain,

Recovering from fatigue, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, increasing health, chronic skin disease, scratch、

People with the following conditions should not enter the onsen: acute disease especially fever, tuberculosis, malignant tumor, serious anemia, renal insufficiency,  pregnancy (especially first and third trimester), breezing disease,

Amenities in the spa: body soap, rinse, shampoo, hair dryer, safe.

Open: AM5:00-AM9:00 AM10:00-AM1:00  

*There are no towels at the onsen. Please take your towel from your room to the onsen.

Rental towels are 350JPY

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Internet access: Free Wi-Fi in the lobby area.
Free rental of the internet modem at the reception (There are a limited number of modems)
Laundry : There are 3 laundries on the ground floor.
Washing 200JPY
Drying 150JPY/15 minutes
Swimming pool: Open  10:00 - 22:30 weekdays
          10:00 - 20:30 weekends and Japanese National holidays
  Entrance fee - adult 540JPY/child 324JPY (the entrance to the pool is limited to the hotel guests or Fitness Club members)

guest room


Fitness gym: free weight, machines, tread-mill,. climbing machine, aerobic bike and studio programs
Entrance fee is 540JPY (The eEntrance to the gym is limited to 16 years and over, hotel guests or fitness club  members)
Massage : “Yuraku” (massage corner) is at the onsen corner.
open: 11:00 - 24:00
“Classe Snow park” Open during the winter season. 9:30 - 17:00
You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, snow rafting, snow buggy, plastic sled slope, snow tube, parachute, horseback riding, horse sleigh rides. There is a ski lift at the ski field. The slope is suitable for beginners and children.

There are 2 tennis courts available during the summer season.
Open 10:00 - 17:00 
Charge 540JPY per hour 
Rental 4 rackets and 2 balls 1050JPY

Banquet rooms “South Elfin” 465㎡12th floor   250 guests for dinner style
  “North Elfin” 265 ㎡12th floor   140 guests for dinner style(Wedding, Party), 240 guests for theater style (lecture, ceremony, etc) and 150 guests for school style (meetings and conferences).
From both rooms, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the forests.
  “Classe Hall” A+B+C 322㎡   180 guests for dinner style                
                      250 guests for buffet style
AB, BC each 215 ㎡ 100 ~150 guests
A, B, C each 106㎡  50 ~ 70 guests
  Other rooms “Mary” 90㎡ 50 guests
“Kosumosu” “Rairakku” “Tsutsuji”“Ayame”“Lavender”
Each room 65㎡ 30 guests

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From New Chitose Airport
By car: Travel time 50 min
  Distance 33km (52.8 mile)
Instruction: ・Take the route 36 straight ahead towards “札幌” Sapporo.
  ・Turn to the left at the intersection of “本町4”Honcho 4 onto route 77.
  ・Take the Ramp to the “道央道”Hokkaido Expressway
  ・Continue straight ahead on “道央道”Hokkaido Expressway towards“北広島”Kitahiroshima and “札幌” Sapporo
  ・Exit at Kitahiroshima Inter change towards Sapporo, Kitahiroshima.
  ・Stay left at the junction and turn to the left to the route 36.
  ・Continue straight along route 36 and turn to the left at the first signal.
  ・Go staraight and turn to the right at the T-junction onto route 1080.
  ・You will see the signboard to “北広島クラッセホテル”Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel on the right hand side. Turn to the right and go up the hill to hotel.

By train: Travel time  30 minute
  ・Follow the signs to the JR station, which is located on the basement level of the domestic arrival lobby.
  ・Take the train bound for Sapporo, Teine, Asahikawa, get off the train at Kitahiroshima. (Rapid All trains stop herestops by)
  ・Exit the station via the west exit. There are shuttle busses at the end of the taxi stand.
  ・It takes about 10 minutes from the Kitahiroshima station to Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel

Bus stop(shuttle bus)

Time Table

Dep.Hotel  9:30 10:10 10:40 11:15 11:50 12:50 13:40 14:30 15:05 15:40 16:30 17:00 18:30 19:20 20:20
Dep.Kitahiroshima Station  7:40 8:40 10:20 10:55 11:30 12:05 13:05 14:10 14:45 15:20 16:10 16:45 17:15 18:45 19:35 20:35

<% /*
By bus You can take the free shuttle bus from Sapporo.
  *You need to reserve the seats by 4 days in advance.
The bus is limited to 25 passengers.
Passengers should assemble at the Kane-no Hiroba at Sapporo station 10 minutes prior to departure.
Location of Kane-no Hiroba

Shuttle buses between Sapporo and Hotel ( reservation needed )
Sapporo station Mitsui Outlet mall Hotel
13:30 14:20 14:30
Hotel Mitsui Outlet mall Sapporo station
11:30 11:40 12:30

Free shuttle buses to Mitsui Outlet Park (No reservation needed )

Hotel Mitsui Outlet park
16:50 17:03
19:25 19:40
Mitsui Outlet park Hotel
11:55 12:10
17:03 17:45
19:45 20:00

*/ %>

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Must see spots around the Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel.

“Classe Snow Park” Open during the winter season
If you have never seen snow or done any snow activities, Classe Snow Park will be the best choice for you. The ski slope is just right for beginners and children and Snow Park has the space for guests to enjoy snow activities safely.

“Ekorin Mura”
 Ekorin Mura was built as a sustainable village to reduce the impact of humans on the environment. It has beautiful gardens and restaurants. Free shuttle buses run from Eniwa station.

“Chitose Salmon Aquarium”

 Chitose river is famous for that many salmon that migrate upstream in Autumn. Although “Chitose Salmon Aquarium” is built next to the river, you can see under the Chitose river through the windows in the aquarium. You can even watch the spawning.

“Kururu no Mori”

  “Kururu no Mori” has 17 hectares of farm-land. You can enjoy farming, cooking and tasting healthy, fresh foods. You can find out how important farming is, how vegetables are grown and enjoy their tastes. You can pick fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons.

“Mitsui Outlet Park”
The selection is vast.... From casual to formal, bags, shoes, clothses and, even seafood and vegetables! There are many restaurants and you can choose the one that takes your fancy. Some free shuttle buses run from the Kitahiroshima Classe hotel.

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