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Welcome to Shinnaie Country Club

Our golf course is a flat woodland course facing the Sorachi Plains, with teeing grounds over looking the green. Also famous for it being the place where Women’s Pro- Tournament in 1996 was. It is a classy golf course with high difficulties, due to the layouts of bunkers, ponds, and the undulation of the green.

guest room


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Every room is spacious and promises a cozy stay.

-Number of Holes-
18 Holes, PAR 72


6,892 Yards (BT)

-Course Rate-

BT: 72.4
RT: 70.5

-Open seasons-
From early April till late November

-Open Hours-

(Reception Hours: 9:00-17:00)
Weekdays: 7:00-18:30
Weekends: 6:00-19:30

-Play Fees-

Members: Self 4,500JPY
          With Caddie 6,500JPY

Visitors: Weekdays-Self 7,500JPY

                  -With Caddie 9,500JPY  
Weekends-Self 12,500JPY
-With Caddie 14,500JPY


Full set: 3,500 JPY
Half set: 2,000JPY
Putter only: 500JPY
Shoes: 500JPY

…For membership fees and benefit’s, and further information, please contact us.

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Our chef goes out of his way to find the best produce from Hokkaido mountains and the surrounding sea. We offer you the best Hokkaido menu.

-Distance: 50 Yards

-Number of Pads: 5

-Open Hours

Weekdays: 7:00-18:30

Weekends: 6:00-19:30

-Fees: 15balls / 100JPY

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-Free of charge

--Open Hours

Weekdays: 7:00-18:30

Weekends: 6:00-19:30

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A spacious lobby with natural light through the stained glasses welcomes your visit.

-Specialty Shops: Golf goods and local products of Naie area are available.
(Open Hours)
Weekdays: 7:00-18:30
Weekends: 6:00-19:30

-Restaurant: Weekdays 11:00-19:30

            Weekends Top Start-19:30

-Bath/Shower Rooms: 12:00-18:00

guest room

-Rest House: Open from the Top Start, till the Final Round(Turn)

-Competition Room: Maximum capacity-40 people

                   (Please make reservation beforehand)
Weekdays 11:00-19:30
                   Weekends Top Start-19:30

-Women’s Locker Room

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-By Car-

-From Sapporo

 45min via Hokkaido Expressway-Naie Sunagawa Inter Change.

-From Asahikawa

 45min via Hokkaido Expressway-Naie Sunagawa Inter Change.

-By Taxi-

-2min from JR Naie Station…690JPY

 -15min from JR Bibai Station…3,000JPY

 -10 min from JR Sunagawa Station…2,000JPY

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Must see spots around Naie

“Hausjarvi Naie”
A roadside station located in the midpoint of Japan’s longest road. Inside is a market and ca cafe “mimizuku” where you can enjoy the local art crafts.

“Shinnaie Onsen ? Kitanoyu Hotel”

-          Open Hours: 9:00-21:00

-          Fees: Adult 500, Children 350

        Except for Wednesdays’, 6th, 16th, 26th ofevery month-Adult 380, Children 280 

-          Mineral Composition: Sodium Hydro Carbonate Springs-Alkaline

“Bibai Mountain”

It is a mountain in the western tip of the Yubari Mountain Ranges, a mountain with a low altitude of 1,000 meters. It is a great find of numerous of waterfalls;

-Furo-no-taki / Waterfall of Youth

-Terraced Waterfalls

-Hyakusai-daki / Centenarian Waterfall

-Muso-daki / Waterfall of Reverie

…there are many more waterfalls that are still nameless.

“Kotobuki Park”

Take your time to spend a sporty day with your kids, friends and family.

Within the park, there are; soccer field, tennis court, softball ground, park golf ground, walking lane, athletic playground, and multi-purpose field.

“Niwa Mountain Forest-Nature Park”

Enjoy a day out in the woods.

Within the premises, there are day-camping areas (equipped with flushing toilets, and  kitchen spaces), and two observatories giving you a 360°panoramic view of the Naie Town and Mountain Ranges.

“Sorachizan-Henjyo Temple”

It is one of the 12th pilgrimage sites of the Hokkaido Kanon Pilgrimage of 33 Temples. You can see a Shotendo (a hall dedicated to worship Shoten/Ganesha), which is pretty rare in temple’s of Hokkaido.

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